Wetle Holte is a norwegian drummer /composer/multiinstrumentalist .His career started out with the norwegian electrojazz innovaters Wibutee, founded by himself , Håkon Kornstad and Per Zanussi in the late 90`s. After 4 albums, touring worldwide and a norwegian grammy nomination the group took a long break (still).

Press on Wibutee

:«No more crises please: The world needs Wibutee.» BBC


«One of the most impressive of Oslo’s current creative wave, and certainly the boldest ‹new conception of jazz› to come out on Jazzland so far.» The WIRE


«Now the music reaches beyond dancing, beyond listening and becomes, in the richest sense of the word, an experience.» AllAboutJazz


«If Bowie had abandoned pop and rock after his Berlin years, and instead of making ‹Let's Dance› had knuckled down to saxophone practice and formed an arty jazz band, the Norwegian based Wibutee is what he might have sounded like .» Stylus Mag


After the Wibutee period Wetle joined guitar magician Eivind Aarset`s group and has been touring,producing and recorded with him for the last 10 years. Holte has also played with artist like Anja Garbarek,Bugge Wesseltoft,Nils Petter Molvær,Petter Carlsen,Grand Telemark and others

In 2010 Holte started writing on his debut album as a soloartist "Hurricane" , released in november 2012. This release was the starting point of a new direction in Holtes career.

He received great rewievs from norwegian press :


"Hurricane" is music without borders created by musicians who are sparkling and boundless.

TorHammerø, Side2.no


"Here's rock, echo of pop, electronic soundscapes, stitched together by a jazz musician with a sense of

dynamics and nuances. Hurricane has been an album with a rare timbre wealth where Holte creates a completely unique

synthesis of the different genres that have influenced him "

Trygve Lundemo, Adresseavisen