News ;

/Wetle is for the time being producing a couple of tunes for Eivind Aarset`s new album.Recording of the rest of the album is happening later this fall.

/ Wetle has also produced Petter Carlsens new album coming out september 2014. Wetle will also join him on the Norwegian and european tour.

/Wetle has also recorded an produced the new album of Heidi Solheim. Releasedate tba.

/Wetle recorded percussion and drums on the new album to the british band, Anathema. Great reviews in the UK.

Solo ;

Wetles next solo album is going to be released february 2015


Live :



26.03.14 Familien ,Trondheim w/Petter Carlsen

10.04.14 Paatronat,Harleem NL w/Petter Carlsen

11.04.14 Gigant, Apeldoorn NL w/Petter Carlsen

12.04.14 Mizeikgeite,Maastricht NL w/Petter Carlsen

13.04.14 Hoorn. NL w/Petter Carlsen

14.04.14 Monarch,Berlin w/Petter Carlsen

30.04.14 Herr Nilsen,Oslo w /Petter Carlsen

10.05.14 Redshift Festival,London w/Petter Carlsen

30.05.14 Budapest, Concerthouse w/Eivind Aarset

18.06.14 Into The Wild,Paris w /Petter Carlsen

24.07.14 Canalstreet,Arendal w/Eivind Aarset

16.08.14 Aronnes Rocken,Alta w /Petter Carlsen

07.09.14 Bruis Festival,NL w/Petter Carlsen

12.09.14 Alta ,City Scene w/Petter Carlsen

13.09.14 Hammerfest,Kulturhuset w/Petter Carlsen

20.09.14 Oslo,Herr Nilsen w/Petter Carlsen

30.09.14 Hamburg DE w /Petter Carlsn,

01.10.14 Leipzig DE "

02.10.14 Berlin DE "

03.10.14 Gouda NL "

04.10.14 Amsterdam NL "

05.10.14 tba "

03.10.14 Gent BE "

10.10.14 Tromsø,driv w/Petter Carlsen

22.10.14 Berlevåg w/Petter Carlsen

24.10.14 Vadsø ,Kooperativet w/Petter Carlsen

25.10.14 Kirkenes w/Petter Carlsen

12.11.14 Øvre Eiker ,Sundhaugen w/Petter Carlsen

14.11.14 Trondheim ,Familien w/Petter Carlsen

27.11.14 Bodø w/Petter Carlsen

Updated march 2014